Goals of the Dual Language Immersion Pilot Program
  • Bilingualism and Biliteracy - The ability to read, write, speak and understand in English and Spanish

  • Academic Excellence - Achievement in all academic content areas

  • Mulitcultural Understanding - Appreciation for other cultures

Daily Structure

Students will spend approximately 50% of their day with an English speaking teacher and 50% of the day with a Spanish speaking teacher.


Our English Language Arts Curriculum is the district adopted Core Reading Program. We will also have a Spanish Language Arts Core Reading Program. Our math materials will be the district adopted Go Math Spanish. We will meet all grade level state standards.

Benefits of the Dual Language Immersion Pilot Program

  • Increased thinking, memory, and problem solving skills
  • Improved communication skills in English and Spanish
About Dual Language Immersion Programs

Dual Language Immersion Programs are academic programs that develop two languages at the same time. The languages for the pilot program at Hobbs Elementary School will be English and Spanish. Students will also gain an understanding of other cultures in the DLI Pilot program.

This pilot program is a unique opportunity for students to engage in another language while learning academic content.